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Handcrafted In Mexico

H. Jimenez Instruments takes pride in offering Mariachi vihuelas and guitarróns that are meticulously handcrafted in Mexico. The traditional methods and woods ensure that each instrument is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the rich heritage of Mexican music. Each Handcrafted Series instrument includes a wood hardshell case for maximum protection. Cases are also available separately.

Experience the true essence of Mexican music with H. Jimenez’s handcrafted instruments – each one a unique creation, each one a piece of Mexico. With H. Jimenez, you’re not just playing music, you’re living it.

Please note that all products in the Handcrafted in Mexico Series are meticulously handmade one instrument at a time by traditional luthiers. It is possible that very slight construction differences may occur between instruments that will make your purchase truly one of a kind.