H. Jimenez Instruments was introduced at the NAMM Show in January of 2014.  We were not prepared for the overwhelming support and acceptance that the market and players have shown. As the instruments became more available in music stores, appeared on large stages, in music videos and in recording studios, influential performers and educators across the United States and Mexico have graciously affirmed their trust in H. Jimenez Instruments.

With such support, H. Jimenez started development on a plan to partner with these influential performers and educators. Now H. Jimenez Instruments is proud to debut; The Official H. Jimenez Family of Artists! “We look forward to building a dynamically diverse artist program that spans the broad scope of music genres represented by our array of string instruments.” delivers Rock Clouser, H. Jimenez Instruments Product Manager.

Gizzy O’Toole, H. Jimenez Artist Relations Manager, reveals “This is just the beginning of our story with more extraordinary characters to be introduced soon.  H. Jimenez Instruments is wholeheartedly excited to partner with such remarkable and talented artists.”