Bands: Trio Sol de Amores

Instruments: Violin | El Maestro Cutaway Guitar | El Tronido Guitarron | Quetzal Vihuela

Bio: Trio Sol de Amores is made up of three sisters – Belinda, Lilian, and Dolce – that love to play all types of instruments and perform on any stage. Although the group’s name is in Spanish, their love for music knows no boundaries, performing in such genres as Boleros, Rancheras, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Mariachi, Classic Rock, and many more, while singing in both English and Spanish. The talented multi-instrumentalist sisters are known most for performing on Violin, Guitar, String Bass, Vihuela, and Guitarron, but also enjoy playing Piano, Percussion, Ukulele, Cello, Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Requinto.